Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cave Painting

I did some cave painting today. It looks like anyway. This drawing is high contrast and VERY loose as you can see. Working mostly with vine charcoal and my fingers. Just bits of detail work where necessary.

I expect this will become more refined as I work but I remember a lesson I learned in recent experiments. I fussed with it too much! I need to stop touching it!

I'll get to the habitat once all the elk are drawn in. Starting on the bull next. Love that rack of antlers and the shadow they create across the elks back.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's finally started... again!

I was wondering when I might actually get to touch this work? Today I rubbed in a medium tone over the entire board and began picking out a few highlights.

Then a few dark areas to round things out a bit.

About an hours work. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to the better part of the whole day. Once the thing is moving I can stay with it until it's complete, hopefully inside the next week or two. It depends upon how many interruptions plague me.