Thursday, October 29, 2009


When you are hungry you take what you can get. A lone wolf can rarely if ever take down a full grown bull elk so one that has fallen to natural causes is a good find during a harsh winter. This work went rather quickly, only 4 hours perhaps. That four hours has been spread over several weeks but four never the less. Glad to have this wrapped up and anxious to start a new project.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Original Drawing by Luke

I received a very special gift today! A young man named Luke, who is 6 years old made this drawing after he watched me working at a recent arts festival. He even chose my favorite subject and my favorite medium. I'm so pleased. Thank you Luke!

This thoughtful gift came at a good time for me. I've been busy dealing with everyday realities of business and raising a family as well as participating in our global pandemic. Today was the first I've been back on my feet in a while and Luke's gift was very welcome indeed.

Be thoughtful of how you interact with people, especially our young friends because we rarely fully understand the impact we may have on others. It pleases me to know that Luke enjoyed watching me draw enough to do his very own work and to share it with me. I know a good picture framer... I believe I'll hang this in my studio.