Friday, February 25, 2011

Silver Linings?

On Saturday morning February 5th I woke to find this sight of buildings burning directly adjacent to our bookstore and gallery. Just twelve hours earlier I had delivered all of my original works to the Old Forge Art Center for my first one person exhibit. I took a small bit of solace in this fact. The bookstore was a dream and labor of love of my wife Shay and mine. The smoke and water damage has rendered our dream moot.

This original was the only significant one I lost that day. There were a few other unframed works that didn't make the ride to Old Forge.
It was a large drawing measuring 42" wide. To me it was strong enough to seriously consider creating it again. My imagination was not lost with that dream.

Now with no day job to fill my time perhaps I'll use this "opportunity" to take my shot at becoming a real full time artist. I mean, what do I have to lose at this point? Every step I've taken to support myself while I developed my career has washed out with soot and water.

I see large pieces of charcoal on the sidewalk where patrons once entered the store. As I pondered this burnt wood I couldn't help but think of new drawings that are already in my thoughts. Now I actually might have the proper time to create them instead of only drawing in my mind. This picture shows the building debris next to our front door and Wildroot sign.

New possibilities present themselves in strange disguises. Fortune presents gifts contrary to expectations. I intend to accept this oddly silver lined wrapped gift with open arms and make the absolute best of this new reality.

As the pieces of my life get put back together I'll be creating again with new resolve. Life changes when we least expect. I am not fond of the thought that I might miss this chance to become who I truly am. An artist.