Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Interim work

I've been putting graphite to bristol board steadily since my last osprey posting in an attempt to get this commission portrait complete. At 16"x20" there is A LOT of graphite to layer in. With the navy blue of the U.S. flag behind this Soldier in his dress uniform which is a very dark green I've been challenged to get all these darks up to proper value. There is still important work to be done on the facial features but the tedious part of the job is done.
I am eager to return to my normal charcoal style that is free and loose by comparison. Photo-realism has it's place but I'd rather not be the one doing it. I am proud to be asked to create these important drawings of our Soldiers so I am more than willing to do what is required to complete them in an accurate fashion.

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Dorothy said...

Will this be for a requested piece or your own portfolio? Recently saw an editorial on a woman who took it upon herself to contact families who'd lost loved ones and requested photos of them with a good likeness so she could get a feel for their flavor.. Dean you wouldn't believe her work - truly inspiring. I don't recall how many she's done so far - well into the hundreds - but she donated every painting to them. She said that it was the least she could do for the families who had given so much. This kinda brought me back to that when I saw it, off on a tangent I guess. You just know I have to check out all your work, though! Our thread of life....