Saturday, January 31, 2009


Welcome to my infant blog.  I'm just developing this and will be adding images of my works in progress.  As I show images I'll try to give some insight to my creative process, my thoughts about the work and ideas of where it's headed.  I hope you might find something of interest as I embark on this new blog.


Mom and Dad said...

Great!! You are so far ahead of your Mother at the computer. Maybe someday you can teach me about a Blog of my own or a Facebook. Dad and I are so proud of you You go son!!

Terry Miller said...

Dean .... welcome to the blogosphere! How nice to see you venture into this wild and crazy space. I will be looking forward to following along and seeing what develops.

Kevin said...

Hello Dean and welcome to the blog world. It's nice to see another that shares the passion of black and white and all the greys in between. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.