Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's finally started!

Hey, at least I'm working right? I've been very busy keeping our businesses from becoming a statistic of this global recession. Due to the type of work I do for the 10th Mountain Division I'm kept fully scheduled with production. I'm not complaining because many people are impacted by the economy in difficult and heart wrenching ways. So far it's just kept me from the drawing board.

I did manage to get the line drawing transferred to the gessoed panel yesterday. My wife had an artisan event with musicians and craftsmen at our bookstore which I was scheduled to exhibit at. I ended up in the workshop building frames. Like I said, no complaints... at least I'm working.

Now that the linear drawing is done I can start getting it all smudged over with a beginning layer of charcoal. Then I can dig in, when I don't know.



Grahame Butler said...

Great to see a new piece of work ready to go, I will be watching with interest as it developes

Nolon Stacey said...

This should be a great piece Dean. You beat me to it though - I have a stag drawing planned to start within the next month.

Dean Richards said...

Hey Guys,
Don't be too sure Nolon, at the rate I'm working you'll have yours done well before me!

Peter Brown said...

Dean, if the preliminary sketch you posted is anything to go by this should be magnificent. With your new "express" technique in place I look forward to seeing the finished piece within days!

Gary Keimig said...

got to your blog through Peter Brown. Interesting work. Good anatomy and values. Will be looking forward to the elk you started.