Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Comfort Zone

I've talked recently about loosing confidence with this new approach. I realize that I've been just plain intimidated and scared of this thing. It dawned on me over the weekend when I tried to sit down to work and just didn't feel good about it. I felt apprehensive. So... I rearranged my studio, switched the board back upright and moved it across the room. I felt like a dog spinning around before finally settling down to sleep.

That is actually when I realized I was afraid. Afraid of not getting the perfect line put down to capture the essence of the animal. Realizing that more was on the line and there was no where to hide.

Jack Hines, an artist said it best...

"...Drawing speaks directly to the viewer about the mind, soul and hand of the artist without pretense or falsehood".

There is NO WHERE to hide! So face it head on, step way outside the comfort zone and move forward. The one confidence you do have is that you gave it your best.

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Peter Brown said...

Dean, I've been where you're at so many times it's not funny. My feelings of self-worth have been so tied up in the current painting or drawing that a less than satisfactory result has often spelled the end. In fact, when I have lost confidence like this, I've been known to pack the art equipment away for years at a time. I guess I figured I couldn't fail if I didn't attempt anything, which is in itself a truly monumental failure.

Just DO it!