Thursday, April 16, 2009

Journey of Dreams

A new friend of mine that I've made via this blog is Australian artist Peter Brown. Pete left a comment here recently that has had me thinking about life long dreams and the pursuit of artistic expression.

As a very small boy of 5, during our long cold winters, I remember watching a television program called Wild Kingdom. I had this paper cut-out set of African wildlife that I would stand up as each animal was shown on the programs intro. They had this fantastic native percussion theme music and I would get so excited about my little savanna on the living room carpet. I would watch in awe as the host traveled the world encountering wild creatures and having great adventures on safari.

I've been making drawings ever since. As I became an adult my dreams of becoming a professional artist met face to face with reality and my life's circumstances would not allow this to happen. Even so, I am an artist no matter what day job I may have. I am always thinking as an artist and contemplating my true life's work. Progress has been slow but as I mature I'm more comfortable with the pace. I always strive for improvement and growth.

This year I'll be 40 years from those memories of my paper safari, enjoying the same childlike awe in the natural world and creating images of what moves me. We all travel through life in different ways and I've no regrets that I'm not yet a professional. My studio is named 'WaySeeker' for just this reason.

If I'm correct, my artist friend Terry Miller was in his mid forties when he went pro. Sounds like Pete is on his way as well, creating great work after years of other responsibilities and raising a family. I hope he fully enjoys the walk-about he and his wife have recently begun.

I plan to fully savor the artistic break through I've had recently and who knows... I may yet go far and see my dream come true.


Jennie Norris said...

I love your work!

Jennie Norris said...

Thanks Dean, I appreciate your comment very much. I have been experimenting for a while to try and develop more of a " style" of my own.
Which you have exquisitely done!!

That is what attracted me to your work. Very original, and obviously you have worked hard to achieve the look you have now. It's very beautiful.

I will keep experimenting and hopefully I will have an "Epiphenomenon" myself. : )

Thanks again for the nice comment!! And thanks for following.

Peter Brown said...

Dean, it's fascinating to have crossed paths with you via your blog and to have been an observer of your recent "Eureka" moment.

As you know, I'm exploring the south-east region of Australia at present and, although there's an element of frustration at not being able to make progress with any art work, it's been a fantastic opportunity to not only gather some reference photos, but also to spend some time away from my usual environment to consider where my artistic pursuits might lead me. To some degree, I feel we're both on the same path. Life is good!

Dean Richards said...

Yes Pete and Jennie, we are all on the same path. Stay consciously aware and follow your heart in your life and with your work. You will find your own voice and there will be many wonderful moments when you say... This is what it's all about.
Life is good.

Arti said...

Hi Dean..its amazing how the lives of people living across the globe could be so identical!I also started out at 5..went on through my childhood drawing and scrbbling..but then life threw up some 'real' challenges and art was forgotten!...After 15 years, I have re-discovered the joy of it through the world of blogger-artists.Its like a second birth to me .And I am loving every moment of it.I am joining you here for some more insights!Love your work....

Terry Miller said...

Hey Dean,

Yes, 1990 was the magic year for me (aged 45) to decide that I needed to plan out my 'five year plan' and make a go of being a full time artist. And now, today, even in the midst of this miserable economy and tough sales time, I don't regret a day of the last 19 years.

With the recent passing of my almost 90 year old father, and thinking back upon what he gave up to support his young family, basically giving up on his more creative side of being a painter to go into business to make a living in other ways, it made me even more conscious of the fact that our lives lead us to those points of decision making when the fork in the road gives us very intense choices. Sometimes it takes a huge amount of maturity and self strength to buck the winds and take those first faltering steps toward what we feel in our hearts is the right road.

Your work of late tells me that you have put yourself well upon that heart's choice road.