Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Totally Unexpected

Well... I really do not know what to think. Here, a scant 7 hours from the point it was first posted I'm finished with this 18"x36" Great Horned Owl piece. I had this free day and thought I'd get it started, never did I think I would complete it in one sitting.

Productivity has always been the greatest challenge in my puny, part-time art career. If this new process gives results this quickly I might just have to take a day off more frequently. I was stunned that only a week had elapsed from the beginning to end of that bald eagle I recently completed and now I'm talking hours. I don't even have a title in mind for this owl yet.

There are implications from today that I'll have to think about. If I can create more drawings each year perhaps I can move closer to expanding my part-time status. Also, more works being completed means greater opportunity for artistic growth with each one. Yeah... definitely a paradigm shift, or seismic tremor, or big bang went off in my head today!


Brenda Hill said...

Hi Dean, Your works are outstanding!

Grahame Butler said...

such a great piece of work in such a short time, no wonder you felt the earth move!