Monday, March 9, 2009

Bald Eagle Portrait

Since I was in the groove I got this small portrait finished up this past weekend as well. This is the latest in a series confined to this format. I find the size and orientation interesting and am always on the look out for a bird I can fit into it. The size is 9"x24", charcoal and graphite. I spray fixed this along with the osprey while I was at work today. There is a great spray booth there that is perfect for it. Next step will be two or three coats of acrylic spray varnish, then liquid MSA varnish. I'll be able to frame this like a painting without glass which I think makes for a very interesting presentation.


Anonymous said...

Do you get any bluring when spraying on the fixative? Peace Greg M.

Dean Richards said...

No I didn't as log as the spray is held back far enough all is fine. I have to spray quite a bit before liquid or it will blur the drawing.