Monday, March 30, 2009

Detail images

These details of the drawing will give an idea of just how abstract it looks up close. The top shows the beginning area of the work from my first entry on this experiment. It may not be visible on a monitor but I quickly learned that not all vine charcoal is black or gray, one I used gave a lavender or orange hue, yuck! I tossed that one out quickly.

The middle shot shows the chest where some of the heaviest strokes were layed in. I like how that texture gives the appearance of some detail. That is why I get to work so large without the tedium of infinite detail and I love it!

The bottom image shows the only detail area and how every so often I'll get a surface texture that works perfectly to my advantage. That one stroke of gesso just above and to the right of center acted as a beautiful feather highlight. I just accented the underside and let the bump do the rest.

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