Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's finally started!

Hey, at least I'm working right? I've been very busy keeping our businesses from becoming a statistic of this global recession. Due to the type of work I do for the 10th Mountain Division I'm kept fully scheduled with production. I'm not complaining because many people are impacted by the economy in difficult and heart wrenching ways. So far it's just kept me from the drawing board.

I did manage to get the line drawing transferred to the gessoed panel yesterday. My wife had an artisan event with musicians and craftsmen at our bookstore which I was scheduled to exhibit at. I ended up in the workshop building frames. Like I said, no complaints... at least I'm working.

Now that the linear drawing is done I can start getting it all smudged over with a beginning layer of charcoal. Then I can dig in, when I don't know.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

101 things...

Among many things I've been responsible for recently is this pencil illustration commissioned by the Armed Services Y.M.C.A. This is one thing that I do as part of my day job. Small framed prints will be provided to ASYMCA using collectible coins and an inscription for special honorees. I have created many illustrations like this for the 10th Mountain Division based at Fort Drum, New York.

During wartime the Y.M.C.A. offered Soldiers hot coffee and food items on the battlefield using this horse drawn wagon. Later it became motorized as seen in the background. Currently the 10th MTN DIV is returning from yet another deployment to Iraq and that means a very busy several months for me providing custom framed items for the Soldiers needs.

Before that all takes place I'm determined to start and complete the elk commission I've been referring to lately. I'm more than ready, stay tuned!