Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Arrangements

I have posted this part of the aborted attempt to illustrate a point about how many artists work. If an artist has integrity and honesty about what they create then the thought of ending a work before it's completion makes perfect sense. There is absolutely no reason to continue one moment further if the artwork in question is not meeting expectations. Sure I had many hours invested but if the finished work doesn't fully engage my imagination then the only time wasted would have been the few hours left to complete it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Drawing Plans

Many years ago I photographed a pair of osprey during mating season. I was in my kayak trying to hand hold a 600mm lens so the shots were crap. Enough to get the overall shape of the birds but little else. The male osprey continually brought items to the female to impress her I guess. Sticks and finally a nice trout. He would call, she would call and flap her wings each time he came close.

Over a number of years I've filled in details and worked out several compositions like the one at the right. I've never been too happy with this design even though I came about 75% complete on a very large charcoal based on it. I turned the board over on the table and forgot about it for quite a long time. Not wanting to give up I've worked out something different that I'm much more excited about.