Friday, March 13, 2009

Varnish a Charcoal?

As I mentioned in my last entry, I have given the drawings several coats of spray acrylic clear coat and today I applied the liquid (satin) MSA varnish. Once I used matte and I couldn't tell it had been coated. I like the satin look much better.

I can varnish the drawing because it is done on a gesso covered hard board. I use a spray fixative before the spray clear coat and that stabilizes it enough to brush on the liquid. Once it is dry the drawing is sealed between the varnish and the gesso substrate. I imagine this has been done by others but in all my years as an artist I've yet to run across this process being used. I love the results and I find it unique to see a drawing framed without glazing. This helps my effort to stand along side painting as an equal medium.


Kevin said...

Very interesting way to present an image and a very good idea. Hmmmm
I'd be curious as to see if yellowing becomes a problem over time.
I like to see artists not scared to try different things.
Good Work !

Dean Richards said...

Good point that I've considered. The finishes that I use are standard and have been in use for years. The varnish is what is usually applied to paintings with stable results. One piece that I varnished over ten years ago has not altered visably and it's been on constant display. I'm hoping for the best, I guess only time will tell.