Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've been thinking more about artistic growth and I've noticed something. Maybe coincidence but I think this blog is related to things that have happened to me recently. I launched this blog to give myself motivation and great things have occurred since it all started.

The knowledge that someone might be reading my journal gave me the extra incentive to do better and improve my artwork. I think that I can get complacent without subjecting my work to a knowledgeable audience. Now granted, I did not suddenly get a big performance boost from blogging because these thoughts have been germinating for a long time. What I'm saying is that this blog has definitely been a catalyst to move ahead with those new ideas.

Many of the people who visit are experienced artists and just knowing that pushes me to post the best I can. I was looking for motivation but never expecting this type of benefit. I've stated that I view jury submissions as a challenge because I usually get rejected and then I vow to do better and "show them" they were wrong about my work. In the case of this venue I feel good about sharing my experience and what I've learned because my new friends are on the same journey. I have come to enjoy the feeling of companionship on the path. I promise to strive for excellence with everything I put down here in the future and never relent in my artistic and personal growth.


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Arti said...

Very true, Dean...we are all trudging the same path, even if we may be thousands miles apart...I hope you enjoy your journey as I am enjoying mine:)Your work is great...never get bogged down with those critics out there!You are doing beautifully.I loved the bird portraits..would you place some bigger images place? Samll doen't do justice to your work!