Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting past the halfway point.

The shadow cast across the back of the bull really brought this to life for me I think. It really seems to have lit this up with full sun. Next to the dark background he looks very bright, just what I want.

The upper left corner gives an idea of where the background is heading. Rocks and brush with more in between the deer. As that develops I think they will stand out more. As I've mentioned before this will be a very strong contrast work with the sunlight being key to it's success. Guessing I'm better than half way which is good since I have a September deadline for release of the limited edition. I love pressure.


James said...

This is amazing.

Dean Richards said...

Thanks James. I'm pleased you like the work.

HightonRidley said...

The progress you're making is good to see and I'm watching with interest.

The way the image builds is so very different than with bw photography and the digital darkroom. What interests me is that the concepts you're working with (light and line, texture and tone, local and global contrast) are pretty much the same.

So I'm wondering if I'll get any good insights from watching your work develop that translate into my world.

Keep plugging away!

Dean Richards said...

Hello Highton,
I started working w/ B+W photography back when Photoshop was just a rumor. Watching a print develop before your eyes in a tray in a darkroom is very much like seeing the values build up in a drawing. In the case of drawing, the dodging is done with a kneaded erasure that is sticky enough to pick up subtle amounts of the medium allowing gradual adjustments of value.
Overall VERY similar. I now use a Macbook Pro w/ Apeture and Photoshop. Worlds away from chemicals!

Gary Keimig said...

I agree Dean that antler shadow did wonders to the piece. It is looking great