Friday, April 8, 2011

Give and Take

So far, so good. I have struggled a bit getting into my groove on this work but things are starting to come together. I blame that on being rusty and the fact that I've been pushing the boundaries of my technique over the last several drawings. Sometimes I'm in control and sometimes I'm not. I've written quite a bit on the battle that occurs during the course of my drawings. I'm trying to maintain my grip on the work while at the same moment trying to let go. Go figure?

I call this carefully planned spontaneity. I attempt to create a drawing that looks like it is created with effortless freedom but in order to achieve that I feel I need to keep an iron grasp. Yin Yang? Contradiction equals balance? Good thing my wife is getting her Psychology degree. By the way, I agree with her that "The Suitor" is a better choice for title.


Wood With Strings said...

I'm following this one with interest Dean - looking good!

Arti said...

I don't believe there can be much scope for spontaneity in detailed pencil work!Your work is coming along very well.Keep going!