Thursday, April 14, 2011

Litmus test?

Well... getting work done on this thing but at this point my usual anticipation of success in a work usually sets in by now. A couple of things are at play here as I try to decide if this is going to pass my own criteria for a quality work. As I have written I look for certain things to happen with a piece and so far this one is not sparking my imagination. There is no boldness, no strong lines or interesting light. Yet...

Perhaps one thing to consider is my history with this subject and it's design changes. I have drawn a few variations already and maybe I'm just tired of the whole thing. Perhaps I'm just in a funk about recent events in my life and career. Maybe the damned thing is just not worth the effort. Perhaps I'm just not clear in my mind just what I'm looking for or expecting from this piece to count it successful.

I have decided it is not worthy of submission to it's intended exhibition jury that I had planned it for. At least not at this point. Having let go of that deadline has taken the pressure off and I do have every intention of completing it. I just have to step back, focus, and forge ahead. I've faced greater challenges with works in progress so I'm determined to persevere.

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