Monday, April 4, 2011

A New Project... Finally.

I can finally get back to what's important. I have been faced with many challenges over the past few months and I'm pleased to get back into my work. This is an osprey drawing I've attempted before in a variety of ways. I've done a number of different studies and drawn a few variations on the design. All of which were not completely pleasing to me. I need to have the composition engage me. I need it to be dynamic enough that I will not lose interest no matter how many times I view the piece. The drawing itself needs to be exciting in the way the strokes appear, the lines need to be strong and decisive, the light unique... everything needs to be powerful! I'm fairly demanding on myself. "Myself".

I have always wanted to work full time on my artwork. I've spoken about that a number of times on this blog. I've made a decision about that. I've decided to get part-time work enough to support myself that will leave me the freedom to focus the majority of my time on artwork. (That's the silver lining). Therefore I will not need to completely rely on selling art to survive. That's the important part. I draw to please myself, first and foremost. Frankly, I don't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks of it. I've lived by that philosophy for the past twenty years and I feel that's why my work has developed the way it has. I've never drawn to sell. Why start now?

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